GSPro with Golf Simulators

GSPro for Skytrak Users
Updated 11/23/21

Officially only Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO are supported golf simulator hardware.

GSPro also has an open API/interface available for the community to create software for integrating with GSPro. Although not officially supported, users can (and plenty of them are) use GSPro with launch monitors such as GC2 and GCQuad via these community made interfaces. Sometimes it is hard to find this information as it is mostly available on the discord channels.

GSPro requires a Windows PC with at least:

  1. 4GB free space
  2. GTX 1070 or RX 580 GPU, minimum.
  3. Stable internet Connection
  4. Ethernet port and/or BT depending on Launch Monitor

Learn more about this software and specs to run at

As far as we know you need to have a game improvement plan active on your skytrak device otherwise it won’t work.

STEP 1: You need to download the Skytrak Connection App that is made available by the community. It is not an offically supported software.  It’s a tweaked version of Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf. This piece of software allows the skytrak to tap into the GSPro API.  It is a version of the JackNiclaus Golf simulator program that actually talks to the OPENAPI interface from Gspro.

Disclaimer : this is a version that has been put available in the GSPro community.

The Open API (Technical) you can find here:

Link to Version 2 with putting fix below.

Unzip the contents of this Download to a folder thats easily accessible on your local drive.

STEP 2: 

Purchase GSPro from their website.

  • There is a 7 day return policy if you decide its not for you. Once you purchase GSPro, you will receive an email with your license key and download instructions. 
  • Download the GSPro software and install to your hard drive.
  • If you get a warning allow the software to be installed.
  • Once you start GSPro for the first time be ready to copy and paste your license key.

There is a great tutorial video to insall here.


Be sure that your Skytrak is turned on. (No need to launch Skytrak Application)

Open GSPro and select your screen resolution.  Hit PLAY!

Once you launch there will be a popup for API v1 Connect

*Notice the Red line at the top of this box.. It will turn green when connected after Step 4.

*If for some reason this dialog does not automatically launch (Its happened to me a couple of times.)  it can be found in this folder and launched from here. C:\GSProV1\Core\GSPC  is you have installed it in the default location. Otherwise use the location where you did install the software.

Then open the GSP Connect Application in that folder.


Launch the ‘PGSimConnector.exe’ from the folder were you have unzipped the the downloaded zip file from the dropbox link.

It is the application file as seen below. It can be found in the folder you downloaded. I use Alt+TAB keys to easily cycle to the desktop to open this file.

*Tip: I ended up right- clicking this application file and pinned it to my task bar to make it easier to find.

It will launch a window that looks like this. (below)

Do not close this software. Leave it running. (This is the software that allows the skytrak to communicate with the Open API of the GSPro Software.)

The top circle on pop up will turn Green when connected to your SkyTrak the bottom circle will turn Gold when connected to Perfect Golf.  Minimize when connected. 

Notice the green bar now on the top of API V1 Connect (This means ready to go!)


Enjoy!  Once the red bar (on the API V1 Connect) above turns green, your skytrak is connected and ready to go.  You will need to go into the settings menu and download some courses and configure some personal settings.(player hand, offset, units etc..) So far this is the best simulator software I have used.  I highly recommend getting over to the discord channel for skytrak to ask questions and follow development. 



Has been fixed with latest version of connector.


Accoring to the Discord channels, GC3 approach should be applicable for GC HAWK.

Let’s try this.

Community driven.

(1) Download and Install FSX Pro, (2) 

Download the GC3/LP Interface gc3_fsx_pro_to_gspro.exe: (3) 

Purchase and Install GS Pro Running/Playing Golf in GS Pro 

(1) Start FSX Pro, connect to your Launch Monitor and select User/Club and go to where you can hit shots 

(2) Start GS Pro, Make sure the GC3 Connect Interface is set to OpenAPI V1 

(3) Start the gc3_fsx_pro_to_gspro.exe application and click Connect You’re ready to Play Golf in GS Pro with your Launch Monitor!